Letter to Sacramento City Council – A Plea for Humanity for Sacramento’s Homeless

ImageThis is an email that I sent to Steve Hansen, a member of the Sacramento City Council – 4th District. I want to make it clear that I have no issue with the proposed sports arena. I’m not for it, I’m not against it, I really don’t care about it.  I’m simply sick and tired of our society turning a blind eye to the overt suffering and despair of so many humans – our brothers and sisters if you will.  People don’t wake up in the morning and decide it’s a great day to become a homeless drug addict & defecate in front of public buildings.  I’m seeing veterans, women and young twenty somethings out there every day & my heart aches for them. So in my search for solutions, I’ve decided to start small. I’m simply asking for public porta potties to be installed throughout downtown Sacramento.  This would restore a small bit of dignity to those who are living on the streets, and those of us who frequent the downtown area wouldn’t have to worry about stepping in Uncle Jack’s poo at the light rail stop.  As always, I welcome your comments and thoughts.

Greetings, although I do not reside in District 4, I am deeply concerned about an issue that is becoming far too common in the downtown area.  I work for the Employment Development Department in the Labor Market Information Division.  Our office recently relocated from Franklin Blvd to the EDD headquarters on 8th/O Streets in a set of buildings often referred to as “the bunkers”.  When our office moved in September of 2013, we were all taken aback by the number of homeless people who we had to step over to get to our office in the morning.  But the bottles of urine along the walk ways and the human feces in the flower beds is completely appalling and I think brings shame upon our central city.  This afternoon as I walked up the ramp from my building right below the 8th/O light rail stop, I literally walked up on a woman’s bare behind as she was squatting over the ivy doing her business. This was at 1:30 on a Thursday afternoon.  Frankly that woman broke my heart.  I can only imagine the desperation one must feel being homeless, tired, and hungry; not knowing where they’re going to sleep at night and as if that’s not enough, not having any place to humanly relieve one ’s self.   I understand that homelessness is a ubiquitous issue that touches every major city within our great nation.  I also understand that homelessness is not an issue that is likely to be solved at the level of City Council; however providing strategically placed porta potties throughout the area can be done at this level.  I realize this solution comes with a price, however if we can push forward on a mega sports arena for the area, we can provide our tourists and citizens a humane and sanitary environment that doesn’t rival the conditions of a third world country.  I would love to discuss this issue with you further as I would greatly appreciate seeing this become an agenda item for the council.  Thank you for your time in reading this message.  I sincerely appreciate your attention.  Terilyn Jackson @gorivercity (Twitter & Facebook) & RiverCitySocialMedia.com



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  1. I totally agree and this is a situation that the city should want to resolve immediately, With the arena coming I would not think stepping over poo would be something the Mayor or city officials would want visitors exposed to,, It would be nice if the city officials would get out and spend some time observing the areas downtown that are so over populated by the homeless, If they were to take a stroll down Capital Mall they would get quite an eye opener,
    Good job and good luck we need more people like you,

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