Social Media Marketing Tips For Reaching the Millennial Consumers Facebook Lost

  If you’re looking for fresh ideas for online marketing geared specifically toward the millennial consumer, check out As of December 2013, Weheartit had more than 25 million users a month and more than 80% of those users are 24 and under and use a mobile device to access the site. Those aren’t numbers to sneeze at with Facebook losing more than 11 million of its young users since 2011.

Weheartit is like Pinterest, but funkier, pinker and if you’re a teenager, your mom isn’t on it. It’s an image based network that has none of those nasty comments that can spoil the free flow of creativity and take the fun out of posting unique content.  Weheartit describes its users as “culture-obsessed, fashionistas, media-makers, and digital influencers from around the world, our users are highly-engaged, tech-savvy, and consumption-focused millennials” and I might add, more than 70% female.

Advertising on Weheartit is not expensive. However, developing eye popping content that catches the attention of the young users, and inspires them to share that content with their networks, will require a slight degree of creativity and maybe even photographic expertise.  Designers like Michael Kors, Kate Spade and plus size fashion boutique, Lane Bryant have discovered some of the potential wins of reaching out to their young consumers on Weheartit.

Weheartit is still a relatively new player on the scene and they are not yet integrated onto some of the more popular third party social measuring tools. Meaning that tracking the success of your advertising campaign on Weheartit, may be limited to the use of site analytics. But don’t let that discourage you!  The possibilities of this platform are amazing and I’m willing to bet, well worth the effort!


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