River City Social Media Pays it Forward!

As a lifetime resident of Sacramento, I know that warm fuzzy bubbles of love and goodwill towards man, aren’t exactly flowing down the American River.  So when random acts of kindness happen to me in succession over a relatively short period of time, I have to stop and give my city a big pat on the back.

Recently, I purchased a Nook reader, complete with a fancy lavender case and tons of cool games.  Although I like the reader, it seems that I’ve been working overtime to ditch it ever since I freed it from its cute little black box.  The first time this happened, a lady chased me to my car from a packed sandwich shop to return the reader to me after I had left it at the cash register. A few weeks later, the reader apparently fell out of my bag in downtown at the busy commuter bus hub at 8th and O Streets.  Saddened by the loss of my beloved Subway Surfer and Temple Run (I mean the Steinbeck books..), I accepted the reality that my carelessness had really hurt me this time.  However, around midnight that same evening, I received an email from a stranger that read, “Hey lady, are you missing a Nook?”  A few emails and about eight hours later, I met a smartly dressed stranger at 8th and O who returned my electronic friend to me completely intact.  I tried to give her a reward but she wouldn’t accept money, she just asked me to pay it forward.  Really?? Wasn’t that a corny Lifetime movie?   It may have been, but apparently I’m starring in the regional theater version.

A few weeks later, while riding the bus home, I found an ID badge under the seat in front of me.   It belonged to a fellow state employee who I was able to locate on the central directory.  I contacted him and a few days later, met a very grateful gentleman (I forgave him for that Raiders sweatshirt) and reunited him with his id badge.  Turns out, this guy was an IT specialist whose badge gave him special access within his agency.   This simply means, replacing that badge was going to cost him – big.  He was extremely grateful, and I walked back to my office feeling pretty good about being able to “pay it forward” so quickly.

Two weeks later, my teenage son announced that he lost his wallet.  This was bad.  Not only because of the hard earned (ok that’s pushing it) allowance money it contained, but also the student id and transit pass that were inside.  Money, money and more money, oh and did I mention that I’m a struggling single mom?  If not, this is a good place to insert that information.   It’s a simple law of nature; a wallet lost on a high school campus is a wallet that is gone forever.   So imagine my shock when the school called my son into the attendance office, not to scold him for cutting first period (yes son, we need to talk…), but to return his wallet to him!  Apparently my son lost the wallet on the sidewalk somewhere near the school and an elderly gentleman found it while walking his dog and brought it to the school attendance office.  The bus pass, student id and cash were all in place.

Call me a sap, but I’m pretty impressed by my fellow Sacramentens.  Times are hard for everyone and all of the returned items had more than a little monetary value.  So here’s what I think; all of these events happening to me and my family within a very short period of time, in this one beautiful River City, is pretty special! So at this time, River City Social Media wants to take this opportunity to say, thank you Sacramento!  I hope we all continue to pay it forward! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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