What is River City Social Media?

For the past twenty some years, I’ve worked for the State of CA. My career has focused largely on the areas of EEO, Workers Compensation and Labor Relations.  Three years ago, I changed the direction of my career and became a Research Manager for labor market research and analysis.  Civil service pays the bills but it was not my first career choice; in fact it wasn’t even second on my list.  All I truly wanted to be was a rock star. Specifically, I wanted to play bass guitar for Journey.  Unfortunately, Steve Perry said he didn’t need any more members in the group, and I didn’t have a bass, so I had to find another path.  My second career choice was a pharmacist.  I could see myself in the white coat counting pills and measuring fluids, driving to work along the 1 in a white convertible corvette spider.  Alas, this dream was also doomed to die as one had to not only take chemistry to be a pharmacist, one had to take a lot of chemistry and pass every class!  After my third attempt at Chemistry 1A and two severe chemical burns in lab, my professor pulled me aside and informed me that he was dropping me from the class and suggested that I pursue another major.   Well after a few civil service exams and a degree in Public Administration, here I am.  I play guitar and I actually own a bass, but these days I mostly play classical music or pretend to be one of Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers on my 12 string acoustic.  I’m a single mom to an incredibly intelligent and equally handsome teenage son and I have 2 of the most adorable bichon frise doggies in the world (my son swears I love more than him).   I have always had an intense fascination of people.  I love connecting with strangers on the bus and people in the elevator.  My mother always tells stories of how nobody was a stranger to me as a small child.  Apparently I’d talk to anyone and if they were nice, I was off to wherever they were heading!   I haven’t changed much.  I still love to meet new people in fun places, (although I do get the concept of “stranger danger”) so why would I take to socializing via the internet when talking to people face to face is so much fun?  This philosophy went out the window when a 20 year old teenage cousin told me that I was far too old to even think about being on Facebook because it was for young people.   That was all it took, the next day I signed up for accounts on Facebook and MySpace. Next I traded in my trusty old flip phone for an iPhone and before long I was completely hooked on social media!  I decided to start River City Social Media (RCSM) after receiving requests to write reviews on Yelp for local businesses that saw the reviews I had done for other companies and wanted me to do the same for them.   RCSM became a way for me to connect a few of my favorite things – writing, social media, establishing efficiency and growth in organizations and of course, meeting area business owners and helping them realize their dreams of a successful business!  RCSM is about helping local small businesses overcome their fear or anxiety about of social media so they can take advantage of the amazing opportunity to it provides to connect directly with customers!   I haven’t quit my day job; in fact, there has to be a way that local labor market information can be integrated with the business end of social media to create something dynamic and powerful! I’m still trying to figure that one out so if you have any ideas, let me know!


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